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The Awakened Brain in Business Education

    Laszlo Zsolnai gave a lecture on “The Awakened Brain in Business Education” in the “Awakened Brain & Awakened Campus” joint worksop of Columbia University and Corvinus University of Budapest on July 8, 2024 in Budapest. In his talk Zsolnai stated that the extreme materialistic value orientation of economics and business cannot help studentsto find deeper meaning and higher purposein their professon. He called for a deep reform of business education and introduced the concept of … Read More »The Awakened Brain in Business Education

    The Economics of Pope Francis & The Economy of Francesco

      Laszlo Zsolnai and Andras Ocsai gave a keynote lecture on “The Economics of Pope Francis & The Economy of Francesco” at the 20th Anniversary Conference of European SPES on June 20, 2024. In their lecture they investigated the development of Pope Francis’ economic views, and explored their relationship with the new findings of ecological economics and psychology of wellbeing. Also, they analyzed the main economic messages of the encyclicals of Pope Francis and to present… Read More »The Economics of Pope Francis & The Economy of Francesco

      Twenty Years of European SPES (2024-2024)

        The book “Twenty Years of European SPES“ edited by Laszlo Zsolnai was published in 2024. The book documents the history of European SPES from 2004 to 2024. It presents all the conferences that European SPES organized and the main publications and research findings it produced. The book also contains the most important future directions of European SPES in research and actions. They include the following: 1 Life-Affirmative Ethics, 2 Ethics Needs Spirituality, 3 Spiritual-based Business… Read More »Twenty Years of European SPES (2024-2024)

        Homo Curator: Towards the Ethics of Consumption

          Péter Róna, László Zsolnai, and Agnieszka Wincewicz-Price (Eds.): Homo Curator: Towards the Ethics of Consumption (2024. Springer). The book presents novel insights into today’s academic and political attempts to address the environmental crisis and shows why the boldest structural reforms won’t solve the environmental crisis until its deepest sources are recognised. Also, it facilitates the academic and political dialogue between humanities and economics. This volume explores the under-researched sources of the consumerist culture and the… Read More »Homo Curator: Towards the Ethics of Consumption

          Conscious Business Models

            Laszlo Zsolnai gave a talk on Conscious Business Models for the Spanish Conscious Capitalism Network on March 6, 2024. Zsolnai suggested three dedining characteristics of conscious bsuinesses, namely they give priority to intrinsic motivation over extrinsic one, are orientated toward the common good, and measure success in multi-dimensional, holistic terms. He presented the cases of Patagonia, Triodos Bank, and Organic India as successful working models of conscious business. Finally, he concluded that conscious (spiritual-based) business… Read More »Conscious Business Models

            The Attention Economy talk

              Laszlo Zsolnai delivered a lecture on “The Business of Info-Communication Technologies” in the conference “Toward a systemic concept of attention for the attention economy, using Buddhist and Western ethics” organized by the Eindhoven University of Technology in February 6-7, 2024. In his lecture Zsolnai argued that info-communication technology companies represent a new form of corporate transgression as they  want to devoid human beings from their fee will and consciousness. Business ethics offers a number of… Read More »The Attention Economy talk

              Value Creation for a Sustainable World

                Laszlo Zsolnai, Thomas Walker, and Paul Shrivastava edited the book on “Value Creation for a Sustainable World: Innovating for Ecological Regeneration and Human Flourishing” (2023 Palgrave-Macmillan, London). The ecological, social and technological challenges of the Anthropocene require developing and implementing new economic, business, and financial models to create sustainable value for a wide range of stakeholders including nature, society, and future generations. This book defines ‘sustainable value creation’ as bringing forth products, services, organizational forms,… Read More »Value Creation for a Sustainable World

                Humanities as a Resource and Inspiration for Humanizing Business

                  Michael Thate and Laszlo Zsolnai edited the book “Humanities as a Resource and Inspiration for Humanizing Business” (Springer 2022). The book is based on the collaborative project of Princeton University Faith and Work Initiative and the Business Ethics Center of Corvinus University of Budapest. It offers novel insights into the applicability of humanities and humanistic values in today’s business and management. It presents new insights in ethical and humanistic management and leadership, and facilitates the… Read More »Humanities as a Resource and Inspiration for Humanizing Business

                  Poverty for the Common Good

                    In this video Laszlo Zsolnai and others discuss the topic of Gift Giving in Business for The Economy of Francesco program.

                    Gift Giving in Business

                      On June 26, 2023 gave a presentation on Gift Giving in Business at the Management & Gift workshop of The Economy of Francesco program. He focused on two questions: (1) What should a leader be like and what decisions does the leader take to make a company generative? and (2) What is the spirituality that enables dialogue between poverty and management? Zsolnai’s presentation emphasized that a business leader should be genuinely altruistic, i.e. giving without… Read More »Gift Giving in Business