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Humanities as a Resource and Inspiration for Humanizing Business

    Michael Thate and Laszlo Zsolnai edited the book “Humanities as a Resource and Inspiration for Humanizing Business” (Springer 2022).

    The book is based on the collaborative project of Princeton University Faith and Work Initiative and the Business Ethics Center of Corvinus University of Budapest. It offers novel insights into the applicability of humanities and humanistic values in today’s business and management. It presents new insights in ethical and humanistic management and leadership, and facilitates the dialogue between humanities and business disciplines on renewing business and management practices.

    The book highlights the relevance of the grand traditions of the humanities as an untapped resource for business-world problems. In a time where the humanities are viewed as in decline or in threat of collapse altogether, this book enacts and extends the best of the humanities toward prevailing challenges within the complex realities of our current cultural moment. The book presents how the humanities can contribute to humanizing business and management. It explores and discusses various ways to integrate the views and approaches of the humanities in business and management research, practice, and education responding to the unprecedented challenges of the Anthropocene. The relations between humanities and social sciences is also discussed, as models and theories of business and management are based on insights of social sciences.