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ESSEC-Mannheim EMBA module

    On December 3, 2005 Laszlo Zsolnai has taught a business ethics module in the prestigious French-German ESSEC-Mannheim Executive MBA Program in Budapest. Zsolnai was lecturing on “The Moral Economic Man” and “The Cost and Benefit of Socially Responsible Business” and presented the “International Business Ethics” video produced by the Business Ethics Center.

    “Business and Ecology” MBA Course in Vienna

      In August 2004, Laszlo Zsolnai taught a „Business & Ecology” course for the International MBA Program of the University of Economics in Vienna, Austria. The topics of the course were as follows: (1) Business and the Natural Environment, (2) Environmental Ethics, (3) The Stakeholder View of the Firm, (4) Corporate Social Responsibility, (5) Ethical Decision Making, (6) „Natural Capitalism” and (7) Sustainable Business. American, Mexican and Scandinavian students participated in the course.

      On “Ethics in Business” in Oxford

        On May 20, 2004, Laszlo Zsolnai presented lectures for the “Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme” at Templeton College, Oxford. His lectures on „Ethics in Business” covered three topics; namely, „The Moral Economic Man” (Which factors determine economic behavior?), „Ethics in Competitive Environments” (How can ethical behavior survive in highly competitive markets?) and „The Paradox of Ethics” (Why is the opportunistic use of ethics counter-productive?).

        Said Business School

          In May 2003 Laszlo Zsolnai was Guest Lecturer in the Business Ethics course in the MBA Program of the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. He was lecturing on Ethical Economics and the Environment. Said Business School – Ethical Economics & the Environment

          Economics as a Moral Science

            “Laszlo Zsolnai” in Ove Jakobsen: Transformative Ecological Economics. Process Philosophy, Ideology and Utopia. New York and London, Routledge. pp. 123-126.

            Ethical Leadership

              Jurjen Wiersma (Protestant Theology Faculty, Brussels) wrote a review on my book Ethical Leadership in De Stem van het Boek (December 2016) pp 13-14. (In Dutch) Ethical Leadership

              An Economist Focusing on the Environment and Social Responsibility

                Ove Jakobsen wrote an article on Laszlo Zsolnai’s work in the Norwegian journal PENGEVIRKE  (2015 No. 3. pp. 26-27). The journal is the forum for alternative economic and business initiatives published by the Cultura Bank in Oslo. An Economist Focusing on the Environment and Social Responsibility