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Twenty Years of European SPES (2024-2024)

    The book “Twenty Years of European SPES“ edited by Laszlo Zsolnai was published in 2024. The book documents the history of European SPES from 2004 to 2024. It presents all the conferences that European SPES organized and the main publications and research findings it produced. The book also contains the most important future directions of European SPES in research and actions. They include the following: 1 Life-Affirmative Ethics, 2 Ethics Needs Spirituality, 3 Spiritual-based Business and Leadership, 4 From Personalism to Eco-Personalism, 5 Buddhist Economics and Bhutan, 6 Hindu Spirituality in Management, 7 Critiquing Transhumanism, 8 Spirituality in Higher Education, 9 Arts and Aesthetics for Human Flourishing, and 10 Peace Economics.

    European SPES book