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Keystone XL Pipleline Project Is Rejected

    In early November 2015 President Obama vetoed the Canadian-USA oil pipeline project called Keystone XL.  It is a great victory of economic, social and environmental reason. I am especially happy about this decision because in March 2013 in my class in the University of Richmond, Virginia I analyzed the project with American students and we reached a similar negative conclusion.

    The proposed oil pipeline (1,179-mile, 36-inch-diameter) was supposed to transport crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta (Canada) to Steele City, Nebraska (USA) and further to Houston, Texas (USA). Based on systems theory I suggested paying equal attention to all the relevant value dimensions of the project, blocking trade-offs among non-substitutable values, and considering the long-term, indirect effects. Clearly, the Keystone XL project does not serve the interest of American people and is detrimental for the natural environment.

    The richness of life can be preserved if we take the whole systems view and act accordingly.