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Global Perspectives on Indian Spirituality and Management

    Sanjoy Mukherjee and László Zsolnai (Eds.): Global Perspectives on Indian Spirituality and Management. The Legacy of S.K. Chakraborty (2022. Springer.) See:

    The book presents novel insights into the applicability of Indian spirituality in today’s business and management. It introduces new models of ethical and spiritual management and leadership and facilitates the India–Europe dialog on globalization and economic development through the prism of Indian spirituality. This book brings together a collection of articles from eminent scholars and practitioners from India, Europe, the USA, and Australia and investigates the applicability of spiritually inspired business models in Indian and Western contexts. This book is a tribute to the revered Indian management scholar and philosopher Professor S. K. Chakraborty, a pioneer of human values and Indian ethos in management. It explores the potentials and pitfalls of spiritual-based leadership and provides directions for renewing business education to embrace human values and spirituality. The forty contributions in the book are divided into seven sections—introduction; business ethics and management; developing new organizational models and processes; potentials and pitfalls of spirituality-based leadership; leaders and their world; education, spirituality, and society; ways to go—to bring out different aspects of the spirituality in business model endorsed by Chakraborty. The book is a treasure trove for researchers of not only business ethics, but also of leadership and strategy studies, in addition to the organization professionals and the general reader for expert insights on the topic.

    1 Introduction