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Fight in the Artic

    For millennia, a thick layer of sea ice has defended the pristine, beautiful and utterly unique marine world of the Artic waters around Svalbard, in the Barents Sea. But global warming is melting the ice and industrial fishing has started moving in, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

    Svalbard’s seas hold some of the last pristine environments left on earth, home to some of our planet’s most incredible and mysterious creatures which thrived in this remote area that was off-limits to humans, protected beneath the ice. Species include beluga whales, narwhals, sea butterflies and lion’s mane jellyfish. But sea has lost 59% of its sea ice coverage since 1980, uncovering new territory open to exploitation by industrial fishing fleets. And greedy, profit-driven Norvegian companies started to exploite Svalbard. Their activities represent the worst kind of market metapsychics which presupposes the consideration and measurement of every being as a marketable resource.

    For preserving nature and caring for Future Earth virtuous persons and organizations are needed. Greepeace’s “Arctic Sunrise” sealing vessel will watch over the Arctic, protecting its marine life from destructive, profit-driven fishing.