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Europe-Asia Dialogue on Business Spirituality

    Laszlo Zsolnai (Ed.): Europe-Asia Dialogue on Business Spirituality. Garant, Antwerpen-Apeldoom, 2008. (This book may be available at European SPES Forum)

    Europe-Asia Dialogue on Business Spirituality

    Values, purposes and functions of European and Asian businesses is a topic of vital importance today. The book contains selected papers of the “Europe-Asia Dialogue on Business, Ethics & Spirituality” annual conference of the European SPES Forum held in 2006 in Budapest, Hungary. Scholars and practitioners from England, Norway, Sweden, and Hungary as well as from India, Indonesia, Japan, and the USA share their views on European and Asian ways of doing business.

    What are the basic differences between the ethical orientation of European and Asian businesses? How can European and Asian traditions of spirituality contribute to transforming contemporary management theory and praxis? Which new leadership roles emerge for spiritual growth and reflection in the workplace in Europe and Asia? The authors of the book believe that Europe and Asia can be inspired by each other, especially if they return to and apply creatively their own spiritual foundations.

    Europe-Asia Dialogue on Business Spirituality contents and introduction