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Galileo Commission Talk on Spirituality and Economics

    On March 23, 2023 Laszlo Zsolnai delivered a lecture on Spirituality and Economics for the Galileo Commission (London).

    The main point of the lecture was that the extension and reorientation of economics toward a spiritually informed science is required to consider humans as having both material and non-material needs and desires, to recognize that they can be driven by intrinsic motivations, and to accept that economic actions should be evaluated multidimensionally with reference to the material and non-material outcomes of actions. Zsolnai proposed that ways to spiritually informed economics include (i) redefining economics as a science of the livelihood of people, (ii) capturing the full matrix of human existence including transcendence, and (iii) developing holistic measures of value, wealth and wellbeing.

    More details can be found in the attachment. Zsolnai lecture